Events and Celebrations

The Gregson is the perfect venue for you to arrange a public event, a celebration or a remembrance occasion

Many local promoters use our main hall or secondary performance rooms for events such as live band or DJ nights, we also host occasional travelling and local theatre plus many musical occasions such as choral performances and folk nights. We are also popular as a fund-raising venue.

We are a perfect venue for many types of private party and celebration, from christenings to 100th birthday parties, we have hosted them all. We have large and smaller spaces, with or without a bar and with optional use of our private cinema space. We also provide great buffet food from Dominick’s.

As a community and arts centre the Gregson is a natural place to think about for a remembrance occasion. We are a safe, welcoming and family friendly place in which to remember and celebrate the life of someone who has passed on.

Event Calendar
Facilities and 

Most Events and Celebrations take place at the weekends. You can see which dates in our calendar have events already booked, by accessing our Events and Celebrations Calendar. Information about our rooms and options available is on our Facilities Page, and to discuss a booking or if you have any other query, go to our Contact Us Page